Sunday, June 23, 2024

Paolo Caponi

Born in 1942 in Arezzo

Italian Artist, he graduated both at the Institute and at the Academy of Fine Arts.

He has been the art director of Bianchini&Capponi for the past 30 years and is, together with Sergio Bianchini, the lead designer and backbone of the company.

His premieres are date back in 1977, increasing his fame till reacing international audience in 1982:
In 1983 he exposes among the "Sala Ocre" Gallery of Caracas, Venezuela
1984 at the "La Caypa" Gallery of Caracas and at the Center of Fine Arts of Maracaibo.
1986 at the "Circolo Artistico" Gallery of Arezzo, at the "Arquitectura Arte" Gallery of Caracas and at the "Rondinini" Gallery in Rome.
1987 at the "Logge Vasari" Gallery of Arezzo, Italy
1991 at the "Cinco" Gallery of Caracas
1992 at the "Diaz Mancini" Gallery of Caracas
1994 at the "Arte y Fuego" Gallery of Caracas
1995 at the "Banco Industrial De Venezuela" Gallery of Caracas
1999 at the "Trazos" Gallery of Caracas

Among the "invitation-only" exposures we can list:
1987 "Diario Ottantasette", S. Ignazio Gallery of Arezzo
1989 "Tra Gioiello e Scultura", Nevers, Francia
1990  "Figurazione Critica", Gran Palais, Paris
1991  "Figurazione Critica", Santillana, Spain
1991  "Figurazione Critica", Gran Palais, Paris
1995  "Arezzo 95", S. Ignazio Gallery of Arezzo

The Artist actively participated among the Salons of:
1982 "Tasa", Caracas
1983 "Pratt Graphics Center", New York
1987 and 1988 "International Ceramic Contest" of Gualdo Tadino, Italy

Autor's works can be found at:
Museum of Contemporary Art of S. Josè, Costa Rica
Center of Fine Arts of Maracaibo, Venezuela
Gallery of Contemporary Art of Arezzo
At the "Immaginaria" Gallery of Florence